• Our staff will continue to operate as normal during regular business hours, but our office is closed to our clients and the public.

  • We will continue to be available by phone 800-560-4637, e-mail jeff@nfsnet.com or text 781-406-4070.

  • You may send us your tax documents by uploading to our secure client portal, by mail  or simply putting your tax information in our the mail slot in our front door.

  • Once we receive your information, we will contact you if we have any questions, then call or email you once your tax returns are complete.

  • Rather than physically coming to our office to pick up your tax returns, we will finalize them (signatures, payment for our fee, providing copies to you, etc.) via our secure portal or shipping by UPS or USPS.

As you are aware, life as we know it is rather challenging for the short term. We will keep you updated as we may need to adjust our plans.


  • The 2019 Tax Filing Due Date HAS BEEN extended 90 days. This means tax returns are due 7/15/2020 without an extension needed. However, we are making every attempt to get returns filed for the normal 04/15/2020 due date.

  • 2019 Tax Payments can also be deferred 90 days. This means you can wait to pay your tax due without penalty or interest. From our understanding, The Massachusetts Department of Revenue will follow suit in this ruling.

  • 2019 Refunds WILL NOT be delayed. This means refunds will be issued as normal.

As always, we are here to help you navigate through the 2019 Tax Season.  Don’t hesitate to call or email, but please be patient as we attempt to respond to your questions and concerns.

We encourage you to stay as safe as possible and wish you continued health during this difficult time in our country.


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