Over the last several months, COVID made clear the fragility of life and how uncertain financial stability can be. In recognition of Life Insurance Awareness month, here are some important reminders to consider.


Are your beneficiaries updated?
Any life changes such as a marriage, divorce, or loss of a loved one may necessitate the need to adjust your beneficiaries.


Did you know… insurance companies typically only offer a 30-day grace period if you’re late on a premium payment?
Unfortunately, if someone is going through a health challenge, their premium due dates may get away from them. Offering to track a loved one’s payment schedule may prove to be one of the most valuable things you can do for them and their family.


Is your life insurance policy going to attract state or federal estate taxes?
Ownership and beneficiary designations should be reviewed for maximum tax efficiency.


Does your current life insurance policy qualify for a long-term care rider?
Many newer, hybrid policies can offer benefits while living or upon death.


Do you have a charitable cause that is important to you?
Existing or new life insurance policies can be a tremendous asset to leave to your favorite charities.


If you are a business owner, have your business life insurance policies been reviewed?
Businesses are subject to various rules and regulations around corporate owned life insurance policies. If they haven’t been reviewed recently, life insurance awareness month may be a great time to request a review.


If any of the above situations have you wondering how you may be affected, please do not hesitate to reach out to the office for a consultation.