Problems at the IRS cause Nationwide Tax Refund Delay

Due to new and additional problems at the IRS with their new IRS computer systems, up to 50-60% of the refunds expected to be released by the IRS on 17 Feb 2011will not released.  Most of the effected tax refunds were filed between 2/2 and 2/7.  Earlier this week, the IRS released a statement noting problems with their computer systems which could delay some refunds.  The IRS also notes that Where’s My Refund is incorrectly giving the impression that many of these returns have not been filed when in fact they have been.   This problem is a nationwide problem affecting all tax preparers and millions of taxpayers nationwide.  Taxpayers who visit the IRS and click Where’s My Refund will see a statement explaining this problem at the top of the page.  The IRS says they are working on the problem but at this time they are not forecasting when you can expect your refund.  Per IRS they don’t see delaying your tax refund a big deal and don’t seem to be all that concerned about it and they are not taking ownership of this problem.

Historically IRS has deposited most tax refunds on Fridays however  the IRS has not told us when they will be fixing this computer problem and making these deposits but we are expecting and hoping they will be deposited next Friday Feb 24th.