Taxpayers can always check the status of their Federal Tax refund using “Where’s My Refund?” at or the IRS2Go mobile app. “Where’s My Refund?” is updated no more than once every 24 hours, usually overnight. If one of these apps indicates the IRS issued your refund, but you haven’t received it, your refund may have been stolen, lost, or misplaced.

If this is the case, you can ask the IRS to do a refund trace. This is the process the IRS uses to track a stolen, lost, or misplaced check or verify that a financial institution received a direct deposit.
The Taxpayer Advocate Service provides guidance on their website on the process to follow if you have not received your refund check.

  • Direct Deposit Refunds: If your refund was a direct deposit, the financial institution will get a letter within 6 weeks from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service in the Treasury Department, to verify where the deposit went.
  • Paper Check Refunds: If the check hasn’t been cashed, you’ll get a replacement in about 6 weeks. If your original refund check was cashed, you’ll receive a claim package within 6 weeks to complete and return to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to pursue your claim.
  • Denied Claims: If your claim is denied, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service will send you a denial letter with instructions on how to appeal the decision.

If you need further assistance in tracking down your refund, please let us know.

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