WRENTHAM, MA – Tax Season is HERE!! Well, almost anyway. Some people hire a tax professional and some people choose to do it themselves – either way – NFS has an option for you!!
No matter where in the world you are, NFS can help you to prepare your US Federal and State Income Tax Returns. In person, by mail or email, we are here to help! With pricing less than most national chains, we can prepare your taxes and maximize your refund or minimize your balance due if you are one of those folks who has to pay.
All new clients receive a $30 DISCOUNT and exisiting clients should inquire about other discounts that may be available to them. NFS also offers free Income Tax Organizers for you to save time & money!
For those deciding to do it themselves, we offer an option to prepare your own returns directly from our Do It Yourself Online Tax Prep Website with FREE (1040EZ) & Affordable options & in most cases less than the “Boxed Software” or other popular online tax prep websites!!
If you have any questions or want to set up an appointment, feel free to drop me an email jeff@nfsnet.com or give me a call toll free at 800-560-4NFS x 14.